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Forum Thread : grub.cfg Help

I am trying to make usb boot from iso images of parrot, kali and arch I installed grub and put the iso to usb and succesfully run parrot live directly from iso with this config: menuentry "Parrot live" { search --set -f "/Parrot-full-2.1amd64.iso" loopback loop "/Parrot-full- ...more

Forum Thread : Av Bypass Question

I created a meterpreter reversetcp payload from metasploit that it can bypass the scan of antivirus (bitdefender) but when i am trying to run it the antivirus says suspicius activity and block it. The payload is in an executable app (sumatra.exe) and i also have tried the por ...more

Forum Thread : Hosts and Cients Question

airodump-ng shows info about network interfaces like ssid bssid channel mac address even you are not connected to a network. so my question is how can i scan for ip addresses in range of my wifi to see info about ip add ssid bssid like airodump do, nmap dosn`t work while disc ...more

Forum Thread : Hello from a New Member

Hello to all this great community i am jack a new member but reading null byte about 8 months now bassicly following the OTW linux and networking basics, Defalt python, wifi hacking, Phoenix750 and some more. I just want to say thanks and congratulate all for the great article ...more

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