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Forum Thread : Uploading Shell or Anything Else.

So, my question is : How can I upload a file ( a shell of course ) on a web server, site, etc, if it doesn't have an upload function. I have to use the FTP server? For eg. : on imageshack or websites like that is simple, you have the upload button, but idk, here for example on ...more

Forum Thread : Sqlmap Help.. KaliLinux

sqlmap -u --dbms MYSQL --level 5 --risk 3 Is there something wrong with my command? It says referrer parameter "referrer" is not injectable. I raised level and risk gradually from 1 to maxim. But now what's next...? I think that MYSQ ...more

Forum Thread : Kali Linux Internet Question.

So.. i have Kali Linux 2.0 installed in VM Workstation, and i can play with it only in my LAN area. So for eg. if i have a clone site of.. i don't know let's say facebook, it can be accesed only from my LAN. Peoples outside my lan can't acces it. What settings should i use for ...more

Forum Thread : Kali Linux SQLMAP Question.

So SQLMAP works basically with sites that ends in php?id=5 for eg. But... my question is... how you hack a website that ends in.. php?page=download.. or something like that, a website that doesn't end in php?id=number.. or a website that ends in .com .fr, etc. Those are non-vu ...more

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