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House of Watson is our family channel shared with you! We do 3 things love God, stick together, and never give up. Our hope is to inspire you to have fun with your family and create long lasting memories through family fun nights and other adventures that you can do too! If this sounds like something your family could benefit from click subscribe www.youtube.com/channel/UC7gIyypF3TLD5puM0f6mx0w/ For any other questions or downloads from our videos email houseofwatsoninfo@gmail.com

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Forum Thread : Teach Kids Kindness

Helping kids show kindness to one another can be challenging. We were noticing we were kinder to our friends than our family. So we started a monthly game with our family to help us become kinder to each other: youtu.be/QYCWHCuauEI. Every month the winner gets to choose where ...more

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