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Forum Thread : N7 Case Recommendation

I just got a nice one made by Caseen. It works well and has a nice leather finish. Plus it has a great magnetic based lock in front - which turns my screen on and off. Anyone have any other cases they want to recommend (or not)?

N7 Sales in Japan : Ahead of iPad

While not a big deal to most of us it does catch my eye because the Nexus 7 - or any single Android tablet for that matter - has outsold the iPad. This report by BCN Rankings was conducted during the past holiday season and shows that the N7 is outselling all other tablets in ...more

Forum Thread : Key Lime Pie Rumors

Rumors from a "roadmap" leaked by Qualcomm is that the next major Android operating system release will be called "Key Lime Pie." Which happens to be my favorite dessert so I hope it doesn't suck. Oh, and maybe all my little bluetooth and WiFi problems will be fixed as well (i ...more

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