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Forum Thread : Windows Start Menu Not Loading

Now I know that his isn't exactly the place to talk about random Windows things but the reason I think that my start menu isn't working is because when I was in Kali linux ( dual booted) I mounted my Windows hard drive. It said it couldn't be mounted and to enter a command to ...more

Forum Thread : RATs and Hidden Folders Questions.

This post are some questions I had about the following video that I was watching on YouTube about removing RATs. I was watching this video: Video: . and from 18:46 - 23:53 he explains that the RAT basically created a folder that was not able to be accessed unless you knew the ...more

Forum Thread : Wordlist Generator in Mr. Robot

I was watching the television show mr. Robot and in the first episode he pretends he is a bank to get information from a person. Then he uses those keywords to generate a password list. I have used CUPP before but I was wondering if there was a wordlist generator that just use ...more

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