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20 | Electrical Engineer -Certified Ethical Hacker | C, C++, Java, Python, HTML and CSS.

  • Location: Pakistan

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Forum Thread : Is Reaver Dead?

Is the Wi-Fi key cracker dead or still breathing? Because in my experience which is a bit premature and is only based on testing on 3 laptops and 2 kali distros namely Kali 1 and Kali SANA, Reaver hasn't worked for me. It used to do its charm till the mid of last year i.e. 20 ...more

Forum Thread : How to Get Router PIN?

I have the wifi password of my neighbour's router. Now I need to get the PIN of the router so that in case he changes the password, I'll be able to crack the newly set password through the PIN. I could have retrieved it through the default gateway IP but there's a dialogue box ...more

Forum Thread : Kali Linux WiFi Problem?

I'm using Alfa awus036nh. The problem is that my Wi-Fi card gets detected in the terminal but doesn't show available wireless networks. Also using airodump command returns me with nothing. Does someone know how to remedy this?

Forum Thread : Edit Reaver Code?

I want to write a few lines of code in Reaver to get rid of a problem I'm facing with PIN cracking. Can someone tell me how do I access reaver script? I tried cd /etc/reaver. But there's only reaver.db file in this directory and it is all empty if I open it with leafpad. Tha ...more

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