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Forum Thread : Guitar Lesson N.4 Beginner to Pro

Guitar intro "Fantasy" written by Rey More Socan-Sodrac Canada, Across the fret-board exercise, C Major Scale 2 octaves starting on the 5th string, D Major Chord Progression I-VI-II-V (D- Bmin- Emin-A7), Explanation of the word root or tonic, Chord progression used in "Knock'n ...more

Forum Thread : Guitar Lesson N.3 Beginner to Pro

This lesson covers Tuning your guitar, the 4th,5th and 6th string in 1st position only natural notes, exercise for notes for C of the 6th string to G of the 1st string, chord and rhythm study for "Twinkle Twinkle" standard rhythm commonly used with 1/8 notes and 1/16 notes lea ...more

Forum Thread : Guitar Lesson N.2 Beginner to Pro

Guitar lesson N.2 B2P Guitar Lessons by Rey More author of the method for the P.W.E.E Planet Web Entertainment and Education Channel. This lesson:Rhythm study with 1/4 notes and 1/8 notes, G Major chord progression l - VI - IV - V applied to song accompaniment "Stand by Me" by ...more

Forum Thread : Want to Learn How to Play Guitar?

First lesson B2P Beginner to Pro Guitar Lessons presented by Rey More author of the method. weekly appointed with a free download of the method to all subscribers to the P.W.E.E-Planet Web Entertainment and Education Channel. The lesson contains an Introduction to music notati ...more

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