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Forum Thread : Encrypted Javascript?

I'm looking at a javascript file of a google chrome extension to see how it works to get an idea for how to make my own project that I'm working on, but the javascript isn't like anything I've seen before. I think its encrypted. It starts off with var #x#### = and then has a b ...more

Forum Thread : Phish Through Proxy?

Hi everyone! Sorry I'm posting on here so much and if I'm being annoying I apologize. You guys are all so helpful. Anyway, say I was phishing over WAN with setoolkit. Is it possible to host the malicious site through a proxy so my ip can't be found? Thanks. -GV

Forum Thread : Get Password from Shell

Say I have a shell or a meterpreter on a target computer, either Linux, OSX, or Windows. There are tons of fun commands to run and mess with the owner, but how would you find information like passwords and other cool stuff like that. Also, I am only testing this on my own comp ...more

Forum Thread : C or C++ or C#

Hello Null-Byte community. I know a few programming languages but I wanted to add a new one to my toolbox. What is the difference between C, C++, and C#, and more importantly, which one do you think I should learn? Thanks in advance! -GV

Forum Thread : What Can Nethunter Do

I've been deciding the best way to make my hacking portable. I've two questions. 1: What can Nethunter do. Is it as capable as regular Kali? Can it use all the usual tools like metasploit and set and netcat and everything 2: Is it better to use nethunter, a portable raspberr ...more

Forum Thread : What Now?

So I've been working for a while on using the meterpreter. I ran into some problems for 64 bit windows and some other issues but now I have it working and it's really cool. I got it to autorun off of a usb and it's great. What should I do now? I've been working on this and now ...more

Forum Thread : My Site Got Listed as Malicious

So first of all sorry about all of these posts if I'm being a nuisance. Anyway I have this website that I made to practice my HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. I was experimenting with phishing with the tutorials on here and around the web (I'm sure you can see where this is going) ...more

Forum Thread : Hack cPanel?

Hi everyone. I own two domains, one registered with NameCheap and one with GoDaddy. Since I own the sites I wanted to 1. Test/learn my abilities and 2. Test the security. Does anyone know how I would go about finding the cpanel and gaining access to it? Thanks. -Grinning Veil

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