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Forum Thread : Kali Linux NetHunter for Nexus Devices

Hello, everyone. After visiting the Kali Linux website, I discovered something that was released along with 1.0.9a which I overlooked, and that is Kali Linux NetHunter. "NetHunter is [an] Android penetration testing platform for Nexus devices built on top of Kali Linux, whic ...more

Hacking and You : The Various Shades of Hackers

Welcome to the first official article of Hacking and You; where we will be discussing the non-technical aspects of hacking, hacking culture, and the role it will play in our lives. In my previous article, we quickly refined hacking into a short, easy-to-understand piece of in ...more

Hacking and You : Introduction

Hello, readers. Beginning today, I will be writing a small series of articles about the paths we have taken as hackers, hacker culture, and what it means in the grand scheme of our lives. For those of you who are new or don't know me, I'm ghost_; a fairly regular and active m ...more

Forum Thread : Apple Security Flaw

Read an article here. Thought I would share with our small community considering my previous article about Apple security or a lack thereof. Sounds like a standard Evil Twin Wireless Access Point, though I significantly doubt it would be something that simple. Will be diggin ...more

Forum Thread : EmoSPARK

I just caught wind of new tech in development here. EmoSPARK is a home AI cube able to feel a full range of emotion and carry out entire conversations with actual people. It has face and voice recognition as well as emotional and conversational intelligence, meaning it will ...more

Forum Thread : Your Thoughts on Apple as a Company

This is more a question on ethics than anything else. While the title may seem completely irrelevant to our little niche here, the actuality is a far cry from the truth. I just read an article on Apple's growth dating back to last month and knowing Apple's stance on protectio ...more

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