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Forum Thread : Someone Set a Attack on Me

Okay basically i was in this game lobby and i was annoying this guy just a little bit...(killing him with a gun because he was swearing) Later he threatned to hack me and find out my ip address i litteraly thought this was some script kiddie so i was like xD okay Later he sa ...more

Forum Thread : Port Forwarding

I am so close to compromising my first system from a idea I thought of my self I got access to the main control of the router hub and have admin privileges Now I can port forward applications and games How would I use this advantage to come promise or get closer to compromisi ...more

Forum Thread : Custom Linux

I was just wondering are any of you users on Null byte using a custom Linux distro ? Like Linux with custom programmes GUI boot loader etc... Instead of using Kali I think this would be a good idea since not all of us will use all the 100+ tools available in Kali also more st ...more

Forum Thread : Assembly for Hacking

Im planning on learning x86 Assembly so i can write my own shell code. Is this a goood idea ? From what i know shell code is instruction injected into a running application am i correct ? I doubt most of you will be able to answer this as i think 90% of you havent programmed ...more

Communtiy Discussion : Watchdogs Hacking

If anyone by chance has played watch dogs do you think it will be possbile ? the capability to control trafic lights tunnels and hack from camrea to camrea to camrea(i think is unrealistic a little bit but would it be possible) I always wanted to create a framwork to work on ...more

Forum Thread : Scripting Languages

hello my question is Why do hackers use scripting langauges instead of programming ? is this the answer the point of choosing a scripting language is to excute qucik and deadly attack/tasks And NOT to create programmes only scripts Also if i hack a network can i excute perl s ...more

Forum Thread : Installing Kali on a Live USB

I am going to install Kali on a 64GB usb and i know all the basic steps such as burning the ISO image on my usb. All im concerned about is... When i do a live USB and i go into the bios and put the boot menu as USB first. I DO NOT want it to damage my current operating system( ...more

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