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Port Forwarding : Belkin Router

I've looked around a bit and for some strange reason there isn't really a tutorial on how to port forward in general. This tutorial I've decided to post to address this problem. So Please sit back and read on. Router Homepage Anyone who is thriving to become a decent hacker ...more

Forum Thread : Fstream Questions

I'm trying to create a c++ program to read into files without actually opening the file... my question here is fstream. Example: fstream fileName; char buffer; std::cout <<"Enter in file: " <<; std::endl; std::cin >>fileName; std::endl; char buffer64 int i; for (i=63; i>64; ...more

Forum Thread : Just a Idea

I've looked around and I've seen some amazing things being done with the forum. Now my idea is, why not the community pitch in to create a android app for this forum since we all use phones. I've been thinking and this I think would be a huge benefit to the forum in general. I ...more

Forum Thread : Coding Help

Ok, this is gonna be a very short post but my question is I can't seem to figure what's wrong with my code when I run g++ through it to compile it. Whenever I add a semicolon after main() I keep getting expected unqualified id '{' token, but whenever I try it without the semic ...more

Forum Thread : G++ Issues

I'm working on a c++ program and I'm using g++ compiler, but I keep getting the same error something along these lines 'unqualified-id for '{' token', The point here is either how do I ignore it or find a solution. Anything will help but I should mention that prior to this pos ...more

Forum Thread : New Year, New FrogLegs

Alright, looks like there's a trend going on. So of course I gotta join in while eating Deep Fried Frog Legs, duh. o O Anyway, so a New Year huh? Well than, what would y 'all expect from me, hmm? I honestly don't know at this point, but I can tell y 'all this much. First of a ...more

Forum Thread : Wireless Card

I'm working with a online ide (i know a little bit low), but for some reason I don't have any wireless cards to work with with aircrack-ng. Any ideas how to add a wireless card? The ide works like a vm.

Forum Thread : Connected Devices on Network

Ok, so my home's WiFi keeps going out ever since we got rid of charter cable. My mom thinks someone might be on our network and asked me to see if I can find a way to see all the connected devices to our router.... The problem is that: I can see the client list (connected dev ...more

Forum Thread : Python Correct?

I'm trying to create a program that lets me search certain strings, is this the write setup? Import urllib.request import urllib2 import re htmlcontent = urllib2.urlopen('URL').read() matches = re.findall('regex of string to find', str1 =); if len(matches) == 0: print 'I di ...more

Forum Thread : Anonymous Need Our Help

In retaliation for the massacre in Paris, Anonymous has declared OpParis. They cannot do this alone and need our help, they've posted noob guides, but the one to help with finding ISIS recruitment websites are as follows: ...more

Forum Thread : Noobie Alert...

For those that don't know already, I'm new here. For those that for some reason hate noobies, I'm sorry but I'm just asking; can the kind community point me in the right direction. I know a bit of computers, I don't mean I know how to press buttons, but I am going in a thousan ...more

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