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Forum Thread : Importing Passwordlists...

Hey fabulous people. Haven't posted in a while... sorry for being a stranger. I still love you all though deeply :) Quick question if I may ask. I have recently downloaded a password list and I would like to import it to Kali. For some reason it seems to be hell and a half to ...more

Forum Thread : I'm Confused!!

Hey Guys and Gals! Let Me Begin by Saying That I Am Totally in Love with This Forum! I've Never Beheld Such a Brilliant Cornucopia of People to Date! I Want So Badly to Refer My Friends to This Site but I Don't Want to Share You! I'm Selfish... I Know. Smh. Now That I Have Tha ...more

Forum Thread : Which Chromebook for Kali Linux?!

Hey guys. I am currently in the market to buy a Chromebook to use a dedicated Kali Linux machine. What I wanted to know is if there is a specific model that any of you suggest or are they all pretty much the same. Do any of you own one personally? Thanks in advance for any ins ...more

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