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I know I have something to gain from practically all the people I meet but none of the titles that I hold. Born in Brazil, moved to Florida when I was 3. Half Italian, 1/4 Brazilian, the rest is Polish, Irish, German. Pretty much one sexy mutt =P. I would say that im a introvert extrovert if that makes sense. Lets see, I work from home I started with some weight loss pills now am moving onto the make up and night life game. I would have to say that life is pretty chillen right now just a lot

  • Location: Pompano Beach, Florida

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Forum Thread : How to Cook Asparagus

How to cook asparagus. In this videos I show you how to cook asapargus. What you will need: 1 container or bag -1 lb asparagus -2 tbsp of olive oil -black pepper -garlic powder Video: . Step 1: Pre-Heat Our Oven to 400 F Degress Step 2: Cut and Clean Your Asparagus Step ...more

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