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Forum Thread : How to Encrypt a Listner?

Hello , I would like to know if there is a way to encrypt our hijacked file ( .doc , .pdf , or .exe ) so that it can bypasse all farewell and Anti virus ( Undetectable ) , AND WITHOUT using a payable crypter , i mean doing it for free , with a free crypter , using metaspoit o ...more

Forum Thread : (Sory for Bad English )

hi, I have a problem: I tried all hacks "reversetcp" that can take control of a remote PC but it does not work, let me explain: When I put everything and I type "exploit"; it gets stuck on "* Started reverse handler on * Starting the payload handler .. " ...more

Forum Thread : Permanent access

(first , sorry for my bad english , i'm using a translator ) Hello , I'm new here and with metasploit and i have questions : So , " since when the system is rebooted we will lose the listener. " , it's mean that we have to send a new listener et install meterpreter on the P ...more

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