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Forum Thread : MITMf Error

error running MITMf Usage: #python mitmf.py --spoof --hsts --arp --appoison -k -i wlan1 --gateway No specific target. Traceback (most recent call last): File "mitmf.py", line 37, in <module> from plugins import * File "/root/MITMf/plugins/upsidedownternet.py", li ...more

Forum Thread : Metasploit (Failed Launch)

Greetings All, I'm having a new issue with Metasploit & Armitage....... First here's what i did and might be the cause of this..? Needing an Antivirus to scan external HD, I installed COMODO on kali. But COMODO proceeded to Quarantine most of my tools..... I've since removed i ...more

Forum Thread : IP Grab???

Greetings Null Byters, It has come to my attention that someone may grab your IP address from chat sites.. Here's what was said: While chatting with someone via Facebook,Whatsapp (PC),Skype,etc. or any other social media site, a person can close all other tabs and use netsta ...more

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