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Forum Thread : OSINT Questions

Hello there, I've been exploring a little bit the OSINT "system/procedure" for while and I Wonder How To get more reliably info and so my questions are: Which tool(s) do you use to gather information on individuals? Which tool(s) do you use to gather information on companies ...more

Forum Thread : Is TOR No Longer Safe?

Hello there, I was surfing the web a looking for scripts in PHP when I came across this: FBI crack Tor and catch 1,500 visitors to biggest child pornography website on the dark web They mention, and I quote "deployed a network investigative technique (NIT) – a hacking tool – ...more

Forum Thread : Executable in Image

Hello there Could someone give me a hand or point into the right direction? Is it possible to insert a payload or any other .exe into an image file and make it run when clicking on it? Does ms has something for that? I've been googling and "Null bytting" but I cant get any c ...more

Question : Same Domain, Diferent IPs ?

Hey there, I was with nothing else to do and I was pinging random domains and in one I've got something like this: I ping the main domain and got an IP, pinged one of it subdomains and got an IP on the same address range but after that, pinging it "sub subdomain" I got a diffe ...more

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