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#1-there is a lot of stuff on the counter- my unopened ipod speakers that i wont use- i think the pink post it on the fridge has been there for over 2 months- the lowered ceiling area probably houses the ventillation-never use the bar stools-need to throw away the red swim tru ...more

Forum Thread : Inspiration Doug Herrera

I have been in the mood for action movies lately. Matrix is one of my favorites, and the way it was filmed makes for an easy after effects project. This is a good example for something i would like to do in the future.

Forum Thread : Inspiration Doug Herrera

SKIP TO 1MIN 25 SECONDS on "Hero". This week I am putting up a few videos for my Inspiration. I really like animation, as well as kung fu / samurai movies and what not. The opening credits for champloo must have used backgrounds with comps on top, right? I am not sure how ani ...more

Forum Thread : Inspiration Doug Herrera

In the near future I hope to make a movie involving free-running or parkour. It would be an action film where free-runners use their abilities to evade the police. There would (hopefully) be very little need for special effects, especially if i could use real free runners. For ...more

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