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Forum Thread : I Am Facing a LINSET/Wireless Problem

All, i can say is that i bought a new computer a installed kali linux, did the steps after installing it, ATI driver, updated, upgraded, and so on, but this is what i'm facing. So that's it, if anyone can help me i appreciate it, sorry for my bad English. Thanks, Dorin

Forum Thread : Facebook v2.Py

How can i make attack multiple facebook target like targes in a txt file and then select them in the terminal and then select dictionary, and finally testing all fo them. Here's the code:

Forum Thread : SEToolkit Error with Gems

set:phishing> Flag this message/s as high priority? yes|no:yes * SET has finished delivering the emails set:phishing> Setup a listener yes|no:yes Could not find rake-10.4.2 in any of the sources Run `bundle install` to install missing gems. The Spearphishing module allows you ...more

Forum Thread : Kali Linux Gnome Update Error

So i updated my Kali Linux using "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y", that obviously it updates my system and the "-y" says to accept the update, but after updating everything INCLUDING GNOME i restart my computer and the it appears this: Has anyone had this error? If yes o ...more

Forum Thread : Exploit DataBase

So i've downloaded the exploits from Exploit DataBase. Now i downloaded the whole exploits in zip file and then extracted then after that i moved all of this exploits to .msf4/modules/exploits/, and now it shows me this when i type msfconsole and it shows me this: Aparently it ...more

Forum Thread : The Pirate Bay It´s Back

After being shut down by the authorities in December 2014 , The Pirate Bay, the most popular torrent site , is back. The site now features the logo of a phoenix instead of the traditional pirate ship and it´s fully operational. The Website is known for sharing content (many of ...more

Forum Thread : Metasploit Link, for Remote Access

So recently i've been reading the metasploit tutorials, and i have a question, how can i make a link, malicious link for a REMOTE COMPUTER (out of lan) or privileged escalation !!! and then, let's say mask that link, for example from to http://www.youtub ...more

Forum Thread : Can

So this week end i watched a movie on Youtube "Algorithm" and the main character made a "can" that has some electronics on it, like a raspberry pi or a arduino FOR EXAMPLE, and i would know if is it able to do one and probably some who can tell me how to make one,, so with tha ...more

Forum Thread : Need Help

So on the link Security Focus i saw this exploit and i would like how to use it and if it works, because i am working at this moment, any help apreciated. Thanks, Dorin

Forum Thread : Me and My Friend

Me and my friend are doing kali vs kali outside LAN i gave him my public IP and he gaved me his, he is able to DoS me but in his i can't scan for open ports with nmap it says that it's filteres the TCP ir UDP, i don't remeber, and i can't even Dos Jim too. I dont need the fas ...more

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