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Graduated from UGA and I have taught high school math for the past 15 years. I post Math instructional videos on YouTube in order to help my students and other folks. <br/>You can also find me on Pinterest

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Forum Thread : How to Subtract Integers

In this video I show how to subtract integers by using counters. The counters help you visualize the process of subtracting integers. If you struggle with remembering how to subtract positive and negative numbers,this video will help. Video: . The counters are helpful because ...more

Forum Thread : How to Study for School

This video reviews several weak study habits, and then reviews some great study habits. Video: . In this video you will review weak study habits, and then some great study habits Examples of weak study habits Heavy emphasis on highlighting Passive reading and rereading Gla ...more

Forum Thread : How to Read Effectively

One of the important areas of school success is being able to read effectively. This reading strategy that uses your hand as a guide, can help you understand more of what you are reading and can help improve your grades. If follows a old reading strategy called P Q R S T , bu ...more

Forum Thread : Research Based Study Tips

Use these 9 Study Tips to improve your performance in school. Video: . Study Skill # 1 While reading assigned text instead of highlighting summarize sections in the margins of the book, or you can use a sticky note for the summaries. Study Skill # 2 Have a goal for reading. ...more

Forum Thread : How to Memorize Numbers

In this video I demonstrate a system for memorizing numbers. Video: . I have found it helps to memorize numbers if you can convert the number into a picture. I convert each number into a picture and then create a story to go along with the pictures. I was able to memorize all ...more

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