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Forum Thread : Your Input on Input

I've recently been drafting up some scripts for future articles and I want to get some community insight. Usually in my scripts I ask the user for input, instead of using flags and switches. This usually isn't a problem since these scripts don't really need a lot of detail in ...more

Forum Thread : Thank You

I started my college CST course the other day I want to say thanks to this community. Eight months ago I had absolutely no knowledge about anything, this community has allowed me to learn and grow. One day I hope to have a career in information security, and I owe it to this c ...more

Forum Thread : Acceptable Methods

I've been working on an ARP poisoning (MitM) script, I plan on writing a how-to once I've completed it. In the script I need to find the MAC address of the victim and the router, the way I'm doing it now works just fine but I'm wondering if any of you could suggest a more acce ...more

Social Engineering : The Psychological Side

As many of you know, social engineering can prove to be very effective. But a social engineering attack is only as good as the engineer. Every successful hack must be backed by reconnaissance, this even applies to social engineering. This type of reconnaissance is slightly dif ...more

Forum Thread : Mozilla Firefox Bans Flash Player

In OTW's article about using Hacking Team's Adobe Flash Player exploit, he said that there were, in total, three zero-day exploits leaked. Since then, Mozilla Firefox has temporarily banned Adobe Flash Player. I just thought this was an interesting and slightly useful tidbit o ...more

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