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Forum Thread : New Long Range WiFi

Anyone considering upgrading their Alfa AWUS036H in order to reach more APs may just wish to wait until their neighbours upgrade their routers...

Forum Thread : New Year Opportunities

New Year's Eve is traditionally a time of partying. It can also be a time of opportunity and, given that we are officially a white-hat playground, I'll phrase this in the way of providing security advice. Many routers, particularly older ones, have login details clearly print ...more

Forum Thread : Merry Santa Folks

To all of the denizens of Null-byte, the lurkers, the big guns, the noobs, the tubes and the half-witted numpties like myself, whatever you may or not believe about the innumerable creation myths that abound, may I wish you all a heartfelt Merry Xmas and a New Year that involv ...more

Forum Thread : Current VPN Info

For a comprehensive breakdown of current levels of anonymity afforded by numerous VPN providers I'd have a read of this...

Forum Thread : Confused Noob

I Inadvertently Left Kali Running a Scan on Local APs Using the Airodump Function in Aircrack Whilst I Was Away for a Couple of Days. Upon My Return I Find That It Has Seemingly Grabbed Shedloads of WPA Handshakes for Various BSSIDs Whilst I've Been Away. As I'm Used to Using ...more

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