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Forum Thread : New Interface Guide

Although, I can adjust to the new interface. Can any mod or admin make a guide for the new design. Problem is: I have been trying to message someone and it says: go to the person's profile and click message button. I cannot find any message button. Any help ? # Darknet

Forum Thread : iPhone 4S iOS 8.4 Activation Problem

Hello guys, I just restored my iphone 4s to ios 8.4 and now i have problems with activation problem. Iphone Server currently unavailable, please use itunes or try again later. Please help. I have tried googling for a week still no help. Any hacks or tricks around this. I also ...more

Good Bye : A Little Note for Null Byte About Sploit

Hello guys, To get straight to the point, My friend and senior school mate Sploit won't be available for some time and since he wouldn't be able to access any electronic devices ( His a final year student and there is a strict rule concerning final year students using devices ...more

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