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Forum Thread : High Cpu Usage on Windows 7

Hello mates, I've been using windows 7 home basic 32bit. my laptop cpu usage is always full since last two months. It's getting worse everyday. I can't even watch a hd movie. typing also getting slow. i've tried many antivirus(trial versons), and installed zone alarm firewall ...more

Forum Thread : Msfconsole Error After Msfupdate

i couldn't run msfconsole after msfupdate. it give's me a error: "Could not find i18n-0.7.0 in any of the sources" "Run `bundle install` to install missing gems." when i run 'bundle install', i got another error: "Could not locate Gemfile or .bundle/ directory" how to resolv ...more

Forum Thread : Nmap Has Been Frozen at 99.99%

nmap has been frozen at 99.99% for nearly two hours. Here is the command i was used to scan: proxychains nmap --spoof-mac Cisco --data-length 24 -T sneaky -Pn -f -n -sS -sV -O -oA /root/Desktop/pentest/xxxxx/recon/nmap 2xx.xx.xx.xx Here is the screenshot: OS: kali sana rolli ...more

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