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hey this is my bio there are many bios but this one is mine

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Forum Thread : How to Speed Up YouTube

Just something that a friend told me and I asked him if I could use it in a video and he told me he didn't care. page buffer=1000000Tbps load=1000000Tbps download=1000000Tbps save=1000000Tbps back=1000000Tbps search=1000000Tbps sound=1000000Tbps webcam=1000000Tbps voice=10000 ...more

Forum Thread : How to Avoid Online Dating Scams

Just some tips and tricks on how to avoid online dating scams, I decided to make this because I recently have had a friend scammed on an online dating site (or at least attempted). I helped him figure out that he was being scammed before getting too involved. Video: .

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