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Well ok. I'm with a very very strong personality. I've got one very weird sense of humor, which ranges from ironic, to sarcastic. I love sex jokes and I consider myself a funny guy. I love music, all of it, but really hard heavy metal and Asian Pop, the last of which I really really really hate. I love playing base guitar, and some wind instruments, and I CANNOT dance, although people can't say i don't try XD. I'm not a heavy drinker, and although i do drink, I never get drunk(learn people, lear

  • Location: Madrid, Spain

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Forum Thread : ARlab Looking for Beta Testers!

Hi, I'm Yelamos, the community manager from ARlab, a company that has been recently involved in augmented reality. Up to now, we have published two SDKs for Android and iOS (ARBrowser SDK and Image Matching (markerless based) SDK). Following our easy API you will able to integ ...more

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