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Forum Thread : MS SQL Query, HELP!!!

I am having a problem executing this query please if anyone can help me out it wud be great. I suck when it comes to database stuff.... How to add username and pwd in MS Sql Query , ik my username and pwd, wud appreciate any help with the syntax

Forum Thread : About Android Security!

So my mobile lcd got cracked and went to repair it , the guy told me it will take couple of days as the he already had my phone disassembled so i left it there, had a app lock on but still curious to know if someone copies data from your android device is there any way to find ...more

Forum Thread : Need Help in PHP Project

I have a project to complete , Selected Image Sharing as my project Help me out:- I have a signup forum to work with.. Image uploading ( users can upload images ) Comments on Pictures I am totally new to php and quite confused of WHAT to do or HOW so ANY help will be great l ...more

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