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Forum Thread : Free Domain Name Registrar

Hello, I intend to host a malicious website in my own computer. Problem : I don't have the bucks to pay for a domain name. Now questions : Where to get free domain names ? Is using those risky when we want to submit a malicious website ? If I want to send to the victim a lin ...more

Forum Thread : Social Engineering vs Pentesting

Hola ! I was wondering what was the right path to take for someone who intends to compromise a person's computer ? It seems to me "pentesting" (I don't know what else I can call it) is pretty tricky to perform in real life against a PC since it would be hard to get someone's ...more

Forum Thread : Facebook and Gmail Virus Detection

Hello, I'm trying to send myself a pdf file with a backdoor embedded via facebook and gmail, but everytime, they manage to detect a "virus". So I wanted to know more about the technique to bypass these sites virus detection system. Can anyone help ?

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