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Forum Thread : Hacking Books

Can you please recommend any books to get started into hacking/pen-testing. I know already some coding and basic networking so what books would you recommend for a complete beginner in hacking?

Forum Thread : Prepare for Job in Cybersecurity

hi i am currently at high school senior year i know the basics of python, c and c++ and I'm interested in following a career in cybersecurity i have already enrolled in and have kali sana in virtualbox and i have a lot of ebooks about security/hacking and programmin ...more

Forum Thread : Laptop Overheating with Kali Sana

i recently installed kali sana( not dual boot just kali) to my laptop it's a toshiba satellite with 4gb Ram and nvidia 525M GPU and it's 4 years old(i know..). i bought a belkin cooler a few days ago but it still overheats after an hour or two any ideas?

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