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Forum Thread : Port Forward Fails

Hello friends! I got a new router, Huawei B310 4G (Orange, Romania). Wathever i try for port forwarding, it fails. I tried to put the IP of the respective machine in DMZ, I created a virtual server, I also created a DDNS (no-ip) and it still doesn't work.. I tried it on all de ...more

Forum Thread : How to Use Stagefright Exploit?

Hi everybody. I just discovered stagefright exploit, I searched for tutorials but nothing's there.. I found the code but I don't know how to use it. Can someone, please, explain step by step how to do it and what am I supposed to do? I would love to learn about this. P.S. : D ...more

Forum Thread : Wi-Fi Not Working on Backbox 4.7.

Hi everybody, I just installed Backbox Linux in my laptop, dual booted it with Windows 7, everything works fine excepting Wi-Fi, it can't be turned on or off, it doesn't show networks available, it only lets me create vpn or something similar. What should I do?

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