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Forum Thread : HTTPS Everywhere

Just a quick update in regards to HTTPS Everywhere.  Firefox: For maximum security, please update this extension to version 2.0.1.  Further please go into the extensions "option" panel and click on "SSL Observatory".  Enable use to observatory. Google Chrome: The Electronic ...more

Forum Thread : World changes

UPDATE: INFOSECURITY WORLD IS NOW KNOWN AS WIRE STORM TECHNOLOGIES. QUESTION: Why are you changing the name? RESPONSE: Just over a month ago, I wanted to make my own blog.  I wanted to help as many people as possible.  The problem was, I wanted to get the blog off its feet as ...more

Forum Thread : Tutorial Requests

Hi everyone, I'm looking for ideas on what tutorials I should write about.  I have so many ideas. However the point is that my posts are relevant to what you are looking for on InfoSecurity World. It is fine to list several how-to articles you would like to see, but rate the ...more

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