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Forum Thread : AWUS036NHA with Kali

i bought this adapter and have it connected to my yagi antenna. my problem is when i enter airodump it wont pick up any aps. i tried apt-get install atheros and it shows up when i use lsusb in terminal. i have the disc of drivers but there isnt a folder for this model. has a ...more

Forum Thread : Cain and Abel Help

i have set up cain and abel properly to grab ips . but sometimes it will disconnect me from the internet when i start poisoning. i have read that this can cause denial of service if the traffic is not routed. which is what is happening here. does anyone know how to fix this ...more

Forum Thread : Wireshark Question

i am using wireshark to try to get the ip of someone on skype and when i go to find packet and enter in what they said and select string it says there are no packets with that string. does anybody have any idea of what could be wrong? i have done this before but for some reas ...more

Forum Thread : Types of Hackers

i have gotten very tired of hearing about the different hats. i do wear a white beanie but i think the hats thing is silly. instead of white hat, grey hat, and black hat. i think angel, ghost, and sin hackers would be better. what do you think?

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