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Luchrista Cobb Bio<br/><br/>Ms. Luchrista Cobb is a third generation business owner and educator. Ms. Cobb is the administrator of the Super Small Business World and two other blog: (1) Prayer that changes things (Word Press) and (2) Create Jobs for You and Others (Goggle Blogger).<br/>She is a senior manager of Achieve Results LLC and copy writer for its website, http://www.learnhowtoachieveresults.com. <br/><br/>Luchrista has two degrees in education and one in b

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Forum Thread : How Do You Create Your Own Job?

How do you create your own job? Would you create a service as a freelance contractor? Would you suggest a job share project that solves a key business problem and makes all that participate employees with benefits? Would you be a volunteer in a non-profit organization addressi ...more

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