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A freshman in high school who loves computers. If you want to talk about anything, email me at tacocat040@gmail.com

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Forum Thread : Uses for Server?

I have a few spare computers and an old server, which I got for free. I don't use that, but I have a desktop with Ubuntu server, and Apache, SSH, and FTP configured. Right now it isn't doing anything, but are there any cybersecurity-related uses? I don't mean defensive, like a ...more

Forum Thread : Can't Send Email from SET

I've been trying to send an email with the Social Engineering Toolkit for about as long as I've had Kali, but every time I one with an attached payload, Google blocks it. I've been using Gmail (which is why Google blocks it). Is there a better way to do this, or some workaroun ...more

Forum Thread : Free Proxy Servers?

I was wondering if anybody knew some good proxy servers that I could use to route terminal traffic through Proxychains. I want to set up a chain of proxies - hence the name, but I don't want to use Tor. Anonymous proxies would be even better. Thanks, Tacocat

Forum Thread : Hacked Steam Accounts

Hello everyone! I just found this article on Twitter, about how people are using RATs to get control of your Steam account and your computer. I play CS:GO often, and thought this was something interesting to share here. :) http://securityaffairs.co/wordpress/51824/malware/ha ...more

Forum Thread : Put Malware on DVD?

Hi all! If anyone remembers how back in season 1 of Mr. Robot, somebody put malware on a CD or DVD and it automatically executed when it was put in a computer, I was wondering how to do that. Kinda like a USB Rubber Ducky, but with a DVD... Thanks

Forum Thread : Get the Old GNOME Version?

When they updated Kali, they update GNOME to GNOME 3. I really miss the old version now, which I think was the original version, and I'm even using Cinnamon to make it feel similar. Any way to get the old version back on Kali?

Forum Thread : Put Backdoor in Linux System?

I have been experimenting with metasploit and metasploitable lately, and on the meterpreter, the Persistence option seems to be only available for Windows. Is there any way to put a backdoor on a Linux machine from a shell or Meterpreter? And if not, what other ways could I do ...more

Forum Thread : Templates for Phishing Site?

Hello all! I am trying to learn about phishing with SET (if there is something better, I would love to know), and I was wondering if there is a way to find or make templates for a copy of a site (credential harvesting), with minimal HTML. I know a little, but not nearly enoug ...more

Forum Thread : Setting Up DVWA?

Hi all! I have been trying to set up DVWA for a while now, and the Live CD seems to be the only thing working for me. Problem is, I have no idea how to access it from a browser. ifconfig didn't return any IP. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Christian

Forum Thread : Finding IP Remotely?

Hello everyone! I have a general understanding of Linux, pentesting, and somewhat of network traffic, but I've always wondered how to get an IPaddress remotely. Traffic sniffing seems like it would only work if you are near the location of the target, but I might be wrong. An ...more

Forum Thread : How to Upload a Backdoor

Hi everyone, I am trying to learn how to use Weevley, but I don't know how to upload a .php black door to a website that doesn't have a place to upload files. If anyone can tell me how to do this, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Cherman

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