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Forum Thread : BREACH ATTACK Configuration ?

I saw on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIKIXQNFplY&hd=1) a TUTORIAL on "BREACH ATTACK" and frankly, I admit that this is very interesting but I do not understand configuration. I downloaded the script BREACH on the same video on http://breachattack.com site. So I' ...more

Forum Thread : About SQL INJECTION Error ???

Hello. I have a local site; When I run localhost/index.php?id =1 and I added him a sign (') like localhost/index.php?id =1' I get a message following error: Warning: include() function.include: Failed opening '' for inclusion (includepath='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') ...more

Forum Thread : Help me about SQLMAP ???

Hello. I wonder if SQLMAP support vulnerable sites to "Time-Based Blind SQL Injection using Heavy Queries" ??? For example: ////// informatica64.com/blind2/pista.aspx?idpista=1 and (SELECT count() FROM sysusers AS sys1, sysusers as sys2, sysusers as sys3, sysusers AS sys4, s ...more

Forum Thread : Help me about SQL INJECTION ?!

HELLO. I scanned my website with this scanner never used before and this is below it gives me the result: << Blind SQL injection was found at: "localhost/index.aspx", using HTTP method POST. The sent post-data was: "...ddOptionspassword=1 or pgsleep(5)...". This vulnerability ...more

Forum Thread : Vulnerable Web Sites XSS ?

Hello everyone. I have 2 urgent and important issues are: 1 - Can you hack a vulnerable site XSS by injecting him JAVASCRIPT code to extract its secret data such as User Names and Passwords ? If so, how ? What JAVASCRIPT code used to collect data on a secret vulnbérable site ...more

Forum Thread : Hydra Syntax for Web Form ?

Hello. I am about to try HYDRA but I wonder one thing. To break the password of a web form (http-post-form) for example, I put a fake user name and a wrong password and just after validated I noticed the phrase following error : "The username or password is incorrect You ent ...more

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