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Forum Thread : Python Question

Hello guys, i just started to learn python(i made the codecademy course and now i am doing a free beginners python course from udemy) and i was wondering how can i made exploits using python. As i understood python is most used for web development(django) and mostly server si ...more

Forum Thread : Robotics

Hello guys.Me and my friends put our hands on a raspberry pi.We want to make a robot.We know how to make it.But the programming part is hard.What language should we use.We have a guy that knows javascript and one that knows python.What is the best language for this kind of job ...more

Forum Thread : Hello

Hey guys,i was wondering what can i do with someone IP address.I mean,how can i hack him.+Can i find someone ip address from facebook? The only way to create a exploit is by Attack on stack?(The tutorials made by Ciuffy)

Forum Thread : Server Hacking

Hello guys i was wondering how is it possible to hack a server and get credentials. I mean,lets say you want to hack bank of america database.How is possible? Why would they put the server with the credentials of people online?

Forum Thread : Conky Help

Hello guys.I install arch.Everything is ....good.I want to customize it.I find a theme online but i dont know how to install it or how to install conky-manager.Same with Steam. I already looked online and i didnt find help and i didnt understand the wiki either. Thanks

Forum Thread : Arch Linux

Hello guys.So i tried to instal arch linux... When i pacman -Syy all the file have error failed retrieving file multilib.db and at the end i havethe errors: failed to update multilib(download library error) failed to retrieving file custom.db from disk:couldnt open file /hom ...more

Forum Thread : Kali Linux

Hello guys, What do you think are the best apps to install after switching from windows to linux(kali in this case).Like firefox or skype.Not necesaryly hacking related.

Forum Thread : Books Choices

Hello guys,what books do you recomand for hacking? What is opinion about Ghost in the wire by Mitnick? Can you make a list of must-read books for hackers?And also categorize them.(begginners,intermadate,advance) Sorry for my broken english,i hope you understand.

Forum Thread : Zero Day Exploit Question

Hello guy,i saw the post about hacking team and i was wondering how can you create an exploit.What are the steps? What is the programing language that most exploits are made in. Thanks. PS:I saw the create an exploit series,but is at the begginning.I was wondering about other ...more

Forum Thread : Meterpreter

Hello guys,i made a file called newyearsgreeting.rtf(from a tutorial made by OTW) and i tried to send to someone.It says it is a virus.I tried to use venom,but i get an error.Can you help me?

Forum Thread : Metaspoilt Help

Hello guys, After installing a meterpreter in the victim's pc and gaining acces to his computer how can i find out his passwords?Email,steam,gmail,blog,etc.Shouldnt it be in a folder in some hash form? Can i have a remote GUI acces of his pc,if the pc is close? Can i install ...more

Forum Thread : Hacking

What can i do if i have full acces to a wifi? What is pineapple? mitm vs metaspoilt? What is a goodsmartphone for hacking?i was thinking about htc one m7. If i install an OS suite for hacking on an android phone,can i still use it for calling?

Forum Thread : College

Hello guys,i am from Romania and i want to go to an Ivy league school.How can i increse my chances?What tests should i take?I have some rewards in chess,basketbal,tennis and a few wins on math competitions.My english is average though and my french too.In 2 years i finish high ...more

Forum Thread : Hacking

Hello guys.What was the main reason that you start hacking in the first place?How did you learn?What was the first thing you learn? Let's hear those stories!

Forum Thread : Help.

Hello i have some Q. for newbies. 1)If i find a vuln. port how to i exploit it? 2)How to Wi-fi hacking?I only know 4way-shake with aircrack-ng,but i dont believe is that good cuz is as strong as your dictionary.Any other way? 3)What should i learn next?Metaspoil/wifi hacking ...more

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