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Forum Thread : Cracking Account Passwords?

Before I start, I would like to notify I am not using this for criminal activity, I am using this for getting my accounts back and general white hat use, I would like to know, how you crack accounts such as forum accounts, mine craft accounts and any accounts in general. Any h ...more

Forum Thread : Website Security

I made a website a while ago, looks good to me. It's host is 000webhosting.com but I'm worried about attacks being targeted on my site. How do I protect myself from XSS, RFI, LFI and SQLI? I use FTP and my site doesn't have a custom domain name. Thanks.

Forum Thread : Anonymity Help

I want to make myself truly anonymous and hard to dox on the Internet, the problem is I have way too many social media accounts for me to get rid of, what is a way to be hard to dox and keep your social media accounts? I don't mind creating a new alias or anything like that.

Forum Thread : Win10 Help

If I used win10 for gaming but had a virtual machine inside win10 running Linux and used it for grey hat hacking would I still be able to be tracked? I don't know whether to downgrade to Windows 8 or keep doing what I'm doing which is that.

Forum Thread : RAT Help

Hello, I was wondering where is the best place to download a Software I can use to make a RAT? Ive tried downloading Darkcomet from youtube videos but it didnt work as much as I thought it would, any help?

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