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Forum Thread : XSS

Right so my school IT admin have challenged me to hack the school website! I've a found search area and some open ports the open ports are Mysql and FTP. I think my best bet is XSS i know that the site is running joomla and apche 2.2.3 and that's about it! Right keep in mind ...more

Forum Thread : Newbie Site Hacking!

Right! So my IT teacher has challenged me to hack the school website. So ye I do have premison to pentest. I've founds some interesting thing about the site however I am not to sure where to go to from here. So I thought I'd ask some help from you guys! Stuff I know: Its runn ...more

Forum Thread : Cracking Ssh ?

Just wondering if it is possible to brute force ssh its a fairly new topic for me as I have never really played around with ssh if anyone could give me a breajdown that would be anazing Thanks Dupheadss

Forum Thread : Reading Memory in Python

So I've been learning alot of python here on null byte and I was wondering if I could start a project in python my goal is to make a bot (for a game) I have made a few simple ones via tracking pixel colour. But ofcourse that has major limitations so! I need to read memory from ...more

Forum Thread : Bitcoin Mining?

So i've recently remebered the Utorrent bitmine and i was wondering if somthing like that is possible using metasploit? i mean for example if i have a meterpreter shell open to the victim how would i got about mining in the back round ? Thanks

Forum Thread : Failed to Bind to Port/IP

So in my mission to get admin rights on my schools network (i have premission) I've thought of using metasploit to make a reversetcp connect back to me. how ever when i set up the payload it errors saying it cannot bind it IP handler. Very annoyed i wrote a python web server ...more

Forum Thread : Admin Rights?

I am fairly new to the world of hacking however i am more then keen to learn ! So i've taken on my School IT admin. The bet is 50$ if i can get my Account admin. I've tested all open ports found the admin printers ect ect. I've also found how to edit files on other users. Us ...more

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