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I am an illustrator, see my website for samples! I am re-focusing my work into pin-up style and animal-human hybrids. I am also working on some pen and ink work as well. Wish list: http://www.wishpot.com/list.aspx?list=443209&uid=255688&rc=surl&sp=3eBsuuURDaczNDY3MDYyOnYyMCxsMjU1Njg4LDQ0MzIwOTtybDI1NTY4OCw0NDMyMDk7

  • Location: Marietta, Georgia

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Forum Thread : How Convert My Pre-Lit Tree to LED

I have a pre-lit tree lit with mini bulbs at 125vac 5a 625w and i want to convert it to blue LED. I would prefer to just swap out the bulbs, but is that possible? Doesn't the power for regular bulbs and LED ones differ? I am not opposed to re-stringing the tree, but the wire h ...more

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