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=] I love listening to music, going to the beach, and hangin out with people.

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Forum Thread : LAN Network Protection

Hey everyone, I've finished up practicing pen-testing my network but I wanted to know how far I should go to protect myself within my own network. For instance, what are the other possible attacks someone could do once they have penetrated network in my home? I know you can n ...more

Forum Thread : Raspberry Pi and Null Byte Feed

Is there a way that I could download each article from null-byte through my raspberry pi and store the webpage and all it's content on an external harddrive. I was thinking about terminal scripts. I'm not looking for a gimme, more of a push in the right direction towards the i ...more

Forum Thread : Raspberry Pi Portable Pen-Testing

Is it possible to make a portable Kali pen tester through a raspberry pi. I'm getting the latest model w/ Wi-Fi capability but I was going to attach my Alpha dongle to it for monitoring and previous success with pen testing. It would be ideal to have done automatically, i.e. h ...more

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