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Forum Thread : Grab Target's Webcam by Link

Whats up everybody, People Have always had the fear of some blackhat hacker watching them through their webcam and it is scary to imagine that someone is watching you without your knowledge. So just because of that I'm gonna show you how to do that by just tricking your target ...more

Forum Thread : How Does He Do This?

I just watched a youtube video of a Guy that hacked a company and i wonder How did he do that just by that the victim went in on a website? Would be cool to know. Here is the video Video: .

Forum Thread : New Device Signed In

Hi! I have a question, we say that you have hacked a instagram account for example and you want to log in to see or Edit the profile. But when you have logged in the person that you hacked gets an email that says that a New device have signed in. Is there any ways to bypass ...more

Forum Thread : ZEUZ Dos Tool

Hello everyone! Its time for a tool that has been in the blackhat hackers toolbox for a long time Dos attacks. Today I will show you have to use a Dos tool that I created, it is called Zeuz, it is a Dos tool so it means that it is only attacking from one computer (if you are ...more

Forum Thread : Emergency Mode pi3

So I have kali Linux on My raspberry pi3 and now when Im booting It It comes up that I am in emergency mode... I have tried the things It say I should do but It doesnt Solve My problem It is still in emergency mode. PLEASE HELP!!

Forum Thread : Use Anonsurf to Hack Anonymous

Sup hackers! Using proxys, vpn or some kind of ip hider is one of the main things you need to have and know how to use, if you dont you might have FBI showing up at your house. So today I will show you how to use a script called AnonSurf that hides your ip while hacking. It ...more

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