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Forum Thread : New IRC Channel for Nullbytez

So the folks over at Darchoods are cool with us resting our virtual presences over there again, chatting it up and shooting the shit. If we want this to be any good though I'ld like a few people to OP the channel though. If you would like OP status in our new channel, please s ...more

Forum Thread : That math post I made...

So, I know that math post was mad basic. Actually covering grade school operations, crazy right? I was thinking that I would get some kind of feedback from the community at large to that effect with, ideally, some kind of "I was really hoping you did _______ instead…." because ...more

Forum Thread : Jailbreaking iPod4 on 5.1

So I got myself a new iPod since my last one kicked it not too long ago, and when I picked it up I was quite exited to see if I could put some fun terminal applications on it and program from my iPod and such.. You can imagine my dismay after finding out my iPod is running 5.1 ...more

Forum Thread : PySide or PyQT?

So I recently signed up for a friendly little programming contest, and to finish I'm going to need to learn to write a GUI. Writing code in python, so the frameworks I am contemplating are PySide and PyQT. This will be the first time I've ever done a GUI so I don't really know ...more

Forum Thread : Possible OTP Implementation

So to refresh my mind I read the wiki article on One Time Pads (OTP for short) and it said some stuff about the message being encoded using modular addition bit by bit from the key. It is effectively secure when the key is the same length or longer than the plaintext.  What I ...more

Forum Thread : Some Basics on Cryptography

So, I am not going to get too technical here, this is an impromptu response for Alex's "Looking for Contributions" post.  In cryptography you can break things up into encryption and decryption, which is exactly what it sounds like. Of course, there are many types and approach ...more

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