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Forum Thread : Rooted Android FM Hack

I was wondering if there was some way to hack the FM Radio of my rooted android device to bypass the restrictions of frequency range of 87.5 to 108 MHz to 'listen in' on other radio transmissions and convert it into a super cool Radioscanner !! :D Searching on the web, I foun ...more

Forum Thread : PGP Public Key Block ?

I've recently started checking out websites related to hacking and security, namely phrack.org. What I have seen in many of these websites, and also on some blogs written by hacktivists is a PGP public key block heading , accompanied by some block of random text below. Can a ...more

Forum Thread : A General Doubt

I work in a institute where accesss to some websites has been blocked and any attempt to open them in browser results in a custom message. But a TCP Traceroute using hping3 or Nmap shows that the request is reaching the website server. (IP address verified using nslookup on t ...more

Forum Thread : Recon LAN Using DC

I work in an institute where all of the PCs are connected via the LAN and almost all of them share files using Direct Connect on port 411. I was wondering if there was a way to map the DC usernames(nicks) to their corresponding IP addresses.... I use DC++ client and I have i ...more

Forum Thread : How to Get Someone's IP

I am looking for ways to get a person's IP address given I know some details like the persons name, geographic location, etc.... Also the person might be a facebook friend. Can someone assist ? anything like Gmail or facebook can be used... Edit: I was wondering if I could u ...more

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