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Forum Thread : Will You Test a Python Program for Me?

Recently I've started to learn Python and as a beginner project I am making a program called Swiss Hack, it's supposed to be like a Swiss Army knife for hackers, if you could test it out and tell me what I could add on or improve, if you could also look at the code and tell me ...more

Forum Thread : Proxychains and THC Hydra

I'm trying to use Hydra with Proxychains and the only output I get is "|R-chain|-<>-<><>-<><>-OK". Sometimes instead of ok it also says timed out. Thanks for any help.

Forum Thread : DNS Spoofing with Ettercap

Hello, I have another question for the Null Byte community, I have been trying to DNS spoof with Ettercap but it never works, I know the IP address of the machine I am attacking, my machine and the Default Gateway, I am also hosting a phishing website on my IP, can somebody wa ...more

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