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Forum Thread : Terminal Problem

Hello guys, i just installed Kali Linux 1.1 and downloaded AMD drivers. But when i rebooted my terminal looks like this; How can i get back my old terminal screen? My old terminal looks like this; And how can i prompt root@b4dLead on every line? Like Elliot's;

Forum Thread : Can Not Use ProxyChains

Hello guys, I want to use proxies to stay anonymous but i have a problem, my proxies are working and looks High+KA in HideMyAss.com also samair.ru says they are elite. But when i typed ' proxychains iceweasel ' to terminal, an Iceweasel browser opens but everything is same. M ...more

Forum Thread : How to Download Videos with Terminal

I think everyone listens music. Sometimes, we love a music and want to download it. Now, i will show you how to download our favorite videos/musics with terminal. Step 1: Download Youtube-DL First, we need to download Youtube-DL. Run this command for install the youtube-dl; ...more

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