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Forum Thread : Suggestions Here...

I noticed that lately there aren't that much interesting tutorials etc... So i thought maybe if you guys comment what you want to see and what tutorials you want to have then maybe the creators could have an idea on what you guys want to learn.

Forum Thread : Phishing Website

Well, i've been reading some books and stuffs about phishing and i learned alot BUT there is something i need help with, i know how to make a phishing page etc... but when the victim will log in of course he will be redirected to the real website or somewhere else, My question ...more

Forum Thread : IPV4 and IPV6

I was wondering: Will hacking change in a few years when we run out of IPV4 addresses and have to change to IPV6 addresses? i mean that surely is gonna have a great impact on Hacking, right? well maybe not, tell me what you think guys... Just a random pic for attention.

Forum Thread : Attacks Tactics

I was thinking about posting some of the tactics i thought about and that may work in different situations or special cases, But first i want to know if the null-byte community wants to see these, Also i kind off want that other members (OTW, Phoenix, Ciuffy, F.E.A.R, Ghost et ...more

Forum Thread : Veil-Evasion

So i wanted to ask, How come veil-evasion is always used by Hackers to bypass AV, i mean wouldn't it get detected eventually? And earlier this day i made a Payload and submitted it to an Online Scanner That doesn't distribute and it showed a detection rate of 23/47 Which means ...more

Forum Thread : Automatic Virus

I've been thinking if its possible or not to craft a special webpage that has a direct download to a trojan or whatever and it automatically opens it without user interaction, Maybe it could be done using a Script or code in the webpage? Since i dont know how web applications ...more

Forum Thread : HTTRACK and SET

Am trying to learn HTML and php and i thought is it possible make a fake login page on my server and when you write the username and pass and press submit or whatever it saves the creds on my server (like SET usually do) and it does contact the real website database to make th ...more

Forum Thread : Did the Devs Really F*** Kali Up ?

I was surfing some websites and reading about the latest tools and distro's and came across a kali linux 2.0 article, after i read it i went to check the comments and found this dude saying "v.2.0 is aimed towards script kiddies and nothing more. Since the release of 2.0, the ...more

Forum Thread : Kali VNC Problem

I installed tightvncserver and ran it then I set up the password and all and when I tried connecting from vnc viewer from my phone I only get black lines crossing (I also got a grey screen) even after I tried vnc4server and I tried tweaking xstartup but no Chance, if anyone go ...more

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