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I have a never ending love for music-texting, photography , racing, Cold drinks and Burgur .

  • Location: Dehra Dun, India

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Forum Thread : Port Forwarding on Mobile Hotspot.

hey guys i am using my mobile's internet in my laptop via hotspot. means the mobile has the internet. and now i need to forward a port. Now if i had a router i could have gone into the port forwarding section and set the rules. but how do i do it in the mobile. any ideas.?

Forum Thread : Quick Brute Forcing?

any way to run my brute force scripts faster.? like is there any site or something which can take my scripts and do the attack on their own server. coz with my computer it would take months to cracka single password xP or is there any other way to do a brute force attack fas ...more

Forum Thread : instaBrute Help Required.

Hey guyz, i recently found out that instagram accounts can be hacked by dictionary attacks(Noob here) and so i found out the scripts online and tried them. i found this python script . now i am new to python and tried my best but i cant get this to work . i kept on getting so ...more

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