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Forum Thread : Python MSF Payload Help?

Guys I am freaking out here. I want to make a Metasploit payload in python and read an article the other day about it. But cant find the article again. I was going to do it use msfvenom for it. But cant figure it out. If anyone has advice or knows what article I am speaking ab ...more

Forum Thread : What Now.

Hey guys. So I was at a 2600 meeting (don't judge me) and this guy gave me a Raspberry Pi Zero. For free (I tried to give him 5$ but he wouldn't take it). So its the next day now and I was thinking, what should I do with this? Well I wanted to make a TOR AP but i know there ar ...more

Forum Thread : Where We All Started/Stories.

Well well well... I am back again posting more terrible stuff! Anyway, I wanted to start a discussion about (and I know there are a thousand of these) how you started and some stories you may have. I want to hear from you guys! Mine was when I was in 7th Grade I hacked the sch ...more

Forum Thread : JavaScript Help

Hi this is august! with some inspiration from a family member cough cough im just copying his idea cough cough I decided to try making a "browser bomb" that opens up infinite pages. I have some code here but dont know if it works. If anyone wants to help or improve please tell ...more

Forum Thread : Downloads...

So if you have used windows without an AV (Anti Virus) program running you all probably know how easy it is to get a virus and have everything from fake advertisements to having your stuff be destroyed... So I want to talk a little about downloads. Honestly the most safest way ...more

Forum Thread : What to Do with Open Ports?

Hey its August. So I know about nmap witch I prefer to use over like a metasploit scanner, but I want to know what I can do with an open port? Obviously I can telnet into it but I would like some more knowledge of hacking an open port.

Forum Thread : BackBox for Hacking?

Hey guys its august. I have recently been experiencing problems with kali 2.0 and I find 1.1.0 better. But I can not get a copy. What other Pentesting Distros do you recommend? I am going to try BackBox. Tell me what you think.

Forum Thread : Skiddies.

Hey im AugustFackYou. We all know about skiddies. You know those ten year olds who try to take down websites with LOIC. Basicly just people who dont know anything or little about hacking and instead use tools. In my opinion its fine to use tools as long as you know how they wo ...more

Forum Thread : An Apology

I just want to apologize. My name is AugustFackYou and I really like null byte. But I wasted all of your time when I made a trolling post and i just want to apologize for that. Thank you.

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