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Forum Thread : Snort Working Differently?

Hello dear community, I recently downloaded and installed snort because I wanted to scan my network for keywords (OTW Tutorial fitted exactly). The problem is, every time I run snort -vde -c /etc/snort/snort.conf, snort doesn't seem to search for the keywords I set (for exam ...more

Forum Thread : Any Exploits for Mac OSX?

Well, I started to use metasploit and I tried to search some exploits for Mac OS X Yosemite, but there were nothing. Is the OS too safe to get hacked with metasploit or what's the problem? I really want to solve this problem, cause my victims Computer is running on OSX. Any Id ...more

Forum Thread : Need Help!

Following Problem: I found many tutorials where you explain how to break into server, computer, webcams and everything else, but I didn't find anything about what you did before. How did you connect to the victim after installing Meterpreter on its Computer? I really like yo ...more

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