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Forum Thread : How to Make No-Bake Cookies

Here are some cookies that we made without the use of an oven! Not every student has an oven that he can use, so this recipe is perfect for somebody who wants to make cookies but has no oven or doens't want to bake :D A little bit fudgy, yet still crunchy! Video: .

Forum Thread : How to Make Glazed Carrots

Video: . Hay there! This one is really nice as a side dish for any Christmas meal! We hope you enjoy this video :)) And a Merry Christmas to you all! Cheerio! == INGREDIENTS == * 1 (Or More) Big Carrot (€0.18~$0.22 for 150 Grams) * a Fair Amount of Butter (€1,60~$2,10 for 5 ...more

Forum Thread : How to Peel an Egg

Video: . Got too much time on your hands or want to impress your friends with a simple trick? This is how you peel an egg Russian style! Step 1: Hard Boil an Egg. Step 2: Make a Small Opening on TheTop Side. Step 3: Make a Bigger Opening on the Bottom Side. Step 4: Place Y ...more

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